Innovise ESM

Innovise PLC is an award winning, fast growing IT solutions company with two divisions: Innovise ESM, and Innovise Software and Solutions. The company operates globally and many of its customers include top FT500 companies.

The Innovise ESM Division works with IT organisations to improve their ability to innovate and respond to the changing needs of the business. Whether the challenge is reducing costs, corporate governance, taking on new services or consolidating infrastructures, Innovise ESM provides the impartial advice, expert skills and the service management technology to enable IT organisations to manage continuous change.

Elevate Sales have been working with the Innovise ESM division to help enhance their approach to marketing and business development, to take advantage of the consolidated group of expertise.

Elevate Sales have initially helped establish a new marketing function that is focused on demand generation, together with a plan and framework for ongoing business development. We are now working within the Sales and Marketing team helping provide additional resources, advice and expertise to find and secure new customers