Mobilize Systems

The need

A venture-backed start-up business, Mobilize needed help to boost its ability to attract and develop new technology customers.

The approach

A review of the company's competitive positioning presented us with an opportunity to redefine its target market and proposition. We then helped redefine its core offering and delivered a focussed Business Development campaign that incorporated:

1) The acquisition and cleaning of target client data

2) Writing relevant and engaging news content

3) Refining the company website to boost its SEO visibility

4) Twice monthly emails to sales targets

5) Monthly follow-up sales calls

The outcome

Today, Mobilize have a clear and compelling proposition that is focused on a core market. They've had over 80 senior level meetings with top UK retailers and now have a systematic and ongoing process for developing sales opportunities.

Ultimately, our engagement raised the value of Mobilize who were then able to secure new sources of funding to continue their growth.