• <p>It's no secret that many companies rely on one or two major clients which provide them with the majority of their revenue. We'll help you focus on finding more of these cherished customers - often in places you wouldn't have thought of looking.We'll give you an objective eye, help you identify new opportunities that really count, and arm you with a fresh sales and marketing approach. And better still, we'll help you manage the transition so that your existing sales pipeline doesn't run dry.</p>
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  • <p>Who is your ideal customer? In today's economic climate, many companies would be tempted to reply: 'anyone', but that's a short-term approach to a long-term problem.</p>
<p>We'll work with you to help you identify your ideal customer by taking an objective look at your current clients, and by appraising their needs and how you meet them. And, in order to paint a clearer picture of the value your organisation delivers, we'll then review how those clients were originally found and why they've chosen to stick with you.</p>
<p>Naturally, we'll consider a host of other factors such as geography, infrastructure, size or industry - and not least, the breadth of your resources. And finally, we'll judge the long-term implications of developing these target markets, what the likely returns would be, and how many of these customers you'd need to meet your sales objectives.</p>
  • <p>Just because two organisations offer the same product or service, it doesn't necessarily follow that they're direct competitors. Customers will consider a number of other factors when making buying decisions, and they'll often be sold on an almost imperceptible (but significant) difference. So for instance, a key distinction that your business offers could be your people and the way that they engage with clients.</p>
<p>We'll help you identify and exploit the unique difference between you and your potential competitors, and open a gap that clearly defines you in front of a wider audience.</p>
<p>Ultimately, we'll work with you to help position your company as being more relevant to the needs of the customer you're targeting.</p>
  • <p>Once we've helped you identify your potential market, we'll help you use the full range of sales and marketing tools to engage with target accounts and people. As every individual responds differently to communication methods we will help you deploy a range of online and offline marketing as well as live events and telephone calls, to enable you to find the most effective route.</p>
<p>In business, very few sales are won on the strength of a single conversation or email; they're built on trust and relationships. And by engaging with your target customers on a regular basis, you'll be able to build awareness, interest and understand more about them; their aims and issues, who is involved in the buying process, and which projects they're currently considering. We'll also show you how to find out where they are on their buying cycle, so that you can build a plan for on-going contact and engagement.</p>
  • <p>In much the same way as a conversation can only happen if two people are talking to each other, a relationship can only be built through regular, worthwhile interaction.  We'll help you initiate an on-going and credible programme of contact (either via telephone or online) that subtly promotes your credentials and reinforces the key difference between you and your competitors.</p>
<p>The process that a potential buyer will use of investigating and choosing prospective suppliers is largely about understanding risk and developing trust, and all of this takes time, and a systematic approach.</p>
<p>We can help you keep in touch and engaged with your potential clients through a combination of emails, phone calls, events and social media, all backed-up with a programme of relevant and engaging online and offline content.</p>
  • <p>Most companies live or die by the strength of their sales operations, so we put a great deal of time and effort into helping you to develop the right kind of sales opportunities - ones that really hit the target.</p>
<p>We understand that much of a salesperson's day can be spent chasing unqualified leads or trying to reconnect with prospects that seem to have gone cold, so we'll work with your team to help them minimise wasted time. We'll enable them to increase their focus and enthusiasm, and ensure that sales opportunities are not overlooked or 'lost between the cracks'.</p>